2018 Domestic Cyclocross Rankings

Stephen Hyde Regains Top Spot After Nationals Win

Obviously, Nationals are a huge deal for the domestic rankings—but the muddhy, mucky race at Louisville was so technically challenging that plenty of top podium contenders just didn't have great days on the bike. (

(Such as Cody Kaiser in 19th, and even Kerry Werner, who finished 6th.)

Should the domestic rankings reflect that, or should they take the entire season into account? 

There's less fanfare around consistency: it's less noteworthy to win the World Cup overall versus the rainbow jersey and World Championships, but the World Cup overall win is arguably a better show of overall strength and aptitude. 

Nationals versus looking at the season overall is the same: the stars and stripes jersey means something, absolutely, which is why now-three-time National Champ Stephen Hyde regains his top spot in the rankings. 

But you might notice that some racers like Merwin Davis, who finished 9th, still aren't cracking the top 10 on here. That's because we're looking at the season as a whole. 

At the top, that story revolves around the Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld team, but there's a lot of shifting that happened this week between Nationals and some Euro racing.

(Before we dive in, a reminder that the rankings are based on UCI ranking, racing trends this season, and plenty of subjective intel, wild speculation, Instagram Stories and industry gossip.)

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