2018 Domestic Cyclocross Rankings

Compton Makes It 15, but Euro Racing Mixes It Up

If you didn't watch Nationals a couple of weeks ago, go pull it up before looking at the rankings. I'll wait... 

Great race, right? 

From start to finish, this one was a huge surprise for cyclocross fans. Honestly, while we didn't count Katie Compton out, it's safe to say that even she was surprised to have won in such a dominant manner, making it 15 straight wins. 


Meanwhile, Sunny Gilbert's ride into second was huge, and super impressive. She's had solid results all season, but that ride was next level. Frontrunner Ellen Noble had a great start but bogged down, finishing third, while Kaitie Keough ended up fifth, which no one expected. 

But Nationals is just one race, really, and it's how the whole season has gone that really matters: Sunny gets a huge boost in the rankings, Kaitie Keough makes nationals an afterthought with a great ride to finish 8th at Namur (where Ellen was 17th and Katie C was down in 31st). 

Super exciting time to be a woman in cyclocross—and even the World Cup announcer pointed out yesterday that the viewership for the women's race has exceeded the men's.

(Before we dive in, a reminder that the rankings are based on UCI ranking, racing trends this season, and plenty of subjective intel, wild speculation, Instagram Stories and industry gossip.)

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