2018 Domestic Cyclocross Rankings

Rochette Hangs On (Barely) To Domestic #1

A wide assortment of racing in the last two weeks makes it hard to gauge where the women are stacking up against each other. 

While no U.S. men raced in Europe in the last World Cup rounds in Tabor and Koksijde, several women did—and had great results. Two women raced and won in Japan over the last two weekends. Across the U.S., the women are spread between several races, from Major Taylor to Supercross. 

Maghalie Rochette still leads, but she and Ellen Noble are essentially tied for the top spot at this point. Most notably, with only two weekends to go before Nationals, Katie Compton moves back into third since she's pulled off the best Euro results in the World Cups and at Hamme, but a 11th and a 13th aren't enough to put her in top spot...yet.

(Before we dive in, a reminder that the rankings are based on UCI ranking, racing trends this season, and plenty of subjective intel, wild speculation, Instagram Stories and industry gossip.)

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