2018 International Cyclocross Rankings

Cant Sure Can In Third World Championship Win

If anyone didn't watch this weekend's World Championship race, we'll be honest: You're missing out. 

The women's race in particular was an absolutely fantastic battle, and admittedly, a surprising finish. Sanne Cant took her third World Champ title after a season marred by rough races and less-than-stellar results. 

She pulled it off with a massive attack towards the end of the race, but her win was almost overshadowed by Lucinda Brand's rocky road to second. She crashed throughout the race and a particularly nasty fall in the pit when she didn't unclip before her mechanic had grabbed her bike. 

Marianne Vos, Denise Betsema and Annemarie Worst were all predictably in the lead group, but Katie Compton sadly ended up out of contention after a great start. 

Kaitie Keough, on the other hand, showed that she still has what it takes to potentially be a world champion one day, with a strong ride into 7th. Meanwhile, MTBer Jolanda Neff burned every match going from a mid-pack starting spot to the lead group in the first lap. 

So, let's dive in: We're mostly considering Worlds in here—and factoring in a few U23 riders as well—but taking the season as a whole into account as we do every week. 

(Before we dive in, a reminder that the rankings are based on UCI ranking, racing trends this season, and plenty of subjective intel, wild speculation, Instagram Stories and industry gossip.)

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