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Learn everything there is to know about camping by bicycle with UltraRomance, the world's foremost bikepacker.

UltraRomance And The Art Film

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UltraRomance And The Art Film | Ian & Friends Part 2

Apr 20, 2020

In part two of our three part conversation with UltraRomance (the world's foremost bike packer, er "luxury cyclotourist") we discuss the forthcoming film, California Golde.

Shot entirely on Kodak Super 8 film in California's Sierra National Forest, the movie chronicles a completely analog tour—with no digital devices, apps, or GPS. A window to a time before, as UltraRomance says, "we became cyborgs," it's a project he considers an "art film," blending the aesthetic of 70s surf movies with the modern-day popularity of off-road bike touring.

California Golde will premiere in March of 2019.