2023 Tour de France

2023 Tour de France Stage 20 Profile: Facing The Final Climbs

2023 Tour de France Stage 20 Profile: Facing The Final Climbs

Jonas Vingegaard wears the yellow jersey going into stage 20 of the 2023 Tour de France as cyclists will set off to Le Markstein, France

Jul 22, 2023 by Martina Gil
2023 Tour de France Stage 20 Profile: Facing The Final Climbs

It’s almost the end of the 2023 Tour de France and with only two stages remaining the cyclists set off for Le Markstein, France in stage 20. On July 21 the cyclists face some of the most challenging climbs to appear on this year's route. 

Matej Mohorič won stage 19 of the 2023 Tour de France. Going into stage 20, Jonas Vingegaard wears his yellow jersey proudly. 

Vingegaard returned this year seeking his second-consecutive Tour de France win. As cyclist approach the final finish line on July 22, it seems the dream could turn into reality. Vingegaard's lead is more than 7-and-half-minutes ahead of the field. 

The Tour de France is considered to be the most prestigious cycling race of the year. It’s an extremely long route that needs to be divided into 21 stages, and every stage’s terrain is extremely physically demanding. That doesn't change in stage 20. 

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Stage 20 has six consecutive climbs, ranging from an average incline of 4.6% to 7.9%. Here is everything you need to know about stage 20 of the 2023 Tour de France. 

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Tour de France Stage 20 Route

Stage 20 is 133.5 kilometers, or 82.95 miles, made up of six climbs and it's sure to be full of attacks.

The first ascent appears 24 kilometers in. Ballon d'Alsace is the longest climb, so a slot start is to be expected as the cyclists need to pace themselves. 

The Petit Ballon and Col du Platzerwasel are the final two category-one climbs of the stage. The last time the Col du Platzerwasel was featured in the Tour was on stage 10 of the 2014 Tour de France. 

Tour de France Stage 20 Climbs 

This stage is full of opportunities for climbers to earn King of Mountain points. Here are the details for every climb featured in this stage. 

  • Ballon d'Alsace 
    • Category 2, 11.8 km, 7.33 miles at 5.2%
  • Col de la Croix des Moinats 
    • Category 2, 5.2 km, 3.23 miles at 7.3%
  • Col de Grosse Pierre
    • Category 2, 3.2 km, 1.98 miles at 6.1%
  • Col de la Schlucht 
    • Category 3, 14.7 km, 9.13 miles at 4.6%
  • Petit Ballon 
    • Category 1, 9.6 km, 5.96 miles at 7.9%
  • Col du Platzerwasel 
    • Category 1, 7.3 km, 4.5  at 7.9%

2023 Tour de France Results

The Tour de France is a 21-stage race that ends on July 23. There are winners for every day of the race, including colored jerseys awarded based on different classification performances. 

Here are all the results of every stage of the Tour de France so far:

How To Watch Tour de France In The USA

A live broadcast will be available on NBC and Peacock. FloBikes will provide updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes coverage throughout the entire event.

How To Watch Tour de France In Canada 

FloBikes will provide a live broadcast for Canadian audiences.

Tour de France 2023 Schedule

The Tour de France begins July 1 and finishes July 23 at the Champs-Elyees. The complete route is divided into 21 stages featuring different types of terrain and distance. Stages 1-3 are completed. 

Here is the full Tour de France schedule.