picture of 2021 UCI Track World Championships

Oct 20-24, 2021

Watch 2021 UCI Track World Championships live on FloBikes! Originally scheduled to be held in Ashgabat, the 2021 UCI Track World Championships has been moved to Roubaix, France and will be held on October 20-24.

The 2021 UCI Track Cycling World Championships will be held from October 20-24. 

*All Times in EST*

DateEventStart Time
10/20/21Women's Team Pursuit - Qualifying7:00 AM
10/20/21Men's Team Pursuit - Qualifying8:01 AM
10/20/21Women's Team Sprint - Qualifying12:30 PM
10/20/21Men's Team Sprint - Qualifying12:52 PM
10/20/21Women's Scratch Race 1:35 PM
10/20/21Women's Team Sprint - First Round1:53 PM
10/20/21Men's Team Sprint - First Round2:04 PM
10/20/21Men's Team Pursuit - First Round2:25 PM
10/20/21Women's Team Sprint - Finals2:51 PM
10/20/21Men's Team Sprint - Finals2:59 PM
10/21/21Men's Keirin - First Round7:00 AM
10/21/21Women's Sprint - Qualifying7:18 AM
10/21/21Men's Keirin - First Round Repechage7:49 AM
10/21/21Women's Sprint - 1/16 Finals8:07 AM
10/21/21Men's Keirin - Second Round8:45 AM
10/21/21Women's Sprint - 1/8 Finals8:59 AM
10/21/21Women's Team Pursuit - First Round12:30 PM
10/21/21Women's Sprint - Quarterfinals12:58 PM
10/21/21Men's Team Pursuit - Finals1:16 PM
10/21/21Men's Scratch Race1:48 PM
10/21/21Men's Keirin - Finals2:33 PM
10/21/21Women's Team Pursuit - Finals2:45 PM
10/21/21Women's Elimination Race3:00 PM
10/22/21Women's Omnium - Heat 17:00 AM
10/22/21Women's Omnium - Heat 27:12 AM
10/22/21Men's 1KM Time Trial - Qualifying7:23 AM
10/22/21Women's Omnium - Scratch Race 1\47:53 AM
10/22/21Men's Individual Pursuit - Qualifying8:11 AM
10/22/21Women's Omnium - Tempo Race 2\49:18 AM
10/22/21Men's Points Race12:32 PM
10/22/21Women's Sprint - Semifinals1:24 PM
10/22/21Women's Omnium - Elimination Race 3\41:34 PM
10/22/21Men's 1KM Time Trial - Final2:00 PM
10/22/21Men's Individual Pursuit - Finals2:36 PM
10/22/21Women's Sprint - Finals2:51 PM
10/22/21Women's Omnium - Points Race 4\43:01 PM
10/23/21Men's Omnium - Heat 14:00 AM
10/23/21Men's Omnium - Heat 24:23 AM
10/23/21Women's 500m Time Trial - Qualifying4:46 PM
10/23/21Women's Madison - Heat 15:00 AM
10/23/21Women's Madison - Heat 25:20 AM
10/23/21Men's Sprint - Qualifying5:40 AM
10/23/21Men's Omnium - Scratch Race 1\46:23 AM
10/23/21Men's Sprint - 1/16 Finals6:46 AM
10/23/21Women's Individual Pursuit - Qualifying 7:24 AM
10/23/21Men's Sprint - 1/8 Finals8:21 AM
10/23/21Men's Omnium - Tempo Race 2\48:40 AM
10/23/21Women's 500m Time Trial - Final11:30 AM
10/23/21Men's Sprint - Quarterfinals 11:52 AM
10/23/21Women's Madison - Final12:10 PM
10/23/21Men's Omnium - Elimination Race 3\412:51 PM
10/23/21Women's Individual Pursuit - Finals1:41 PM
10/23/21Men's Omnium - Points Race 4\42:02 PM
10/24/21Men's Sprint - Semifinals7:00 AM
10/24/21Women's Keirin - First Round7:08 AM
10/24/21Women's Keirin - First Round Repechage7:30 AM
10/24/21Women's Points Race 7:50 AM
10/24/21Men's Sprint - Finals8:27 AM
10/24/21Women's Keirin - Second Round8:35 AM
10/24/21Men's Madison 8:51 AM
10/24/21Women's Keirin - Finals10:17 AM
10/24/21Men's Elimination Race10:33 AM