2020 Le Tour de France
Aug 29 - Sep 20 · Starts at 8:56 AM
Paris, FR

FloBikes is providing an exclusive rebroadcast of the 2019 Tour de France from June 6th to June 26th. 

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Live Stream Start Times (CDT)

DateEventStart TimeEnd Time
6/27/20Stage 1TBDTBD
6/28/20Stage 2TBDTBD
6/29/20Stage 3TBDTBD
6/30/20Stage 4TBDTBD
7/1/20Stage 5TBDTBD
7/2/20Stage 6TBDTBD
7/3/20Stage 7TBDTBD
7/4/20Stage 8TBDTBD
7/5/20Stage 9TBDTBD
7/6/20Rest Day  
7/7/20Stage 10TBDTBD
7/8/20Stage 11TBDTBD
7/9/20Stage 12TBDTBD
7/10/20Stage 13TBDTBD
7/11/20Stage 14TBDTBD
7/12/20Stage 15TBDTBD
7/13/20Rest Day  
7/14/20Stage 16TBDTBD
7/15/20Stage 17TBDTBD
7/16/20Stage 18TBDTBD
7/17/20Stage 19TBDTBD
7/18/20Stage 20TBDTBD
7/19/20Stage 21TBDTBD