picture of 2012 Pierre's Hole 100 NUE #8

Aug 3, 2012

COURSE DESCRIPTION The 2012 race will likely see some changes via the addition a new singletrack miles in the lightening ridge/Peaked area above Grand Targhee. We plan to implement this single track, but will evaluate it's construction/condition once the snow melts and have the opportunity to tune it up for the race. For now: The current course (Caribou-Targhee National Forest) is a 25 lap with approximately 4100 vertical feet of climbing per lap. It contains mostly single track, some two track climbs, and two sections of climbing under the Tetons on an asphalt surface (good place to refuel). The course begins on a dual track at the Grand Targhee Resort near the Dream Catcher chairlift. From here the course heads north and funnels to a section of singletrack that has little climbing and winds through an Aspen Grove near the music venue where it then turns back south to the base and comes past the Dream Catcher chair again (two way traffic). A short, but steep, climb up to Feed Zone and Tech Zone 1 prior to beginning a long singletrack climb out the the base area up to Lightening ridge. Once on lightening ridge the course desceds down a very fast access road to the head of Mill Creek, you will pass a picnic table on a platform before entering singletrack after descending about 600 VF. Once you hit the singletrack you will be on a descending a 1600 VF joyride over about 4 miles out through Papoose Creek. There is one junction at about mile 2.5 of this descent, you will continue straight through the junction and continue descending out Papoose, look for the white and flouro orange flagging to stay on course. There are three or more rock problems and one area of baby heads in this descent, pay attention to keep from flatting here. All of the rock problems are ridable and will be marked. This section of the course is fast and focused. If you see the grizzley, ride faster she has two cubs. Once you have finished the descent you will dump into a gravel parking lot and take a right to head out to the mouth of Teton Canyon to Aide 2. Once you leave Aide 2 you will take a right onto and asphalt climb, hint: eat during this section. The climb is about 1100 VF and will take you about 3 miles up to the a left turn across the asphalt road to the top of Dry Creek. Dry Creek is a very fast jeep road with several earthen water bars, STAY FOCUSED HERE. You will descend over about 2 miles and loose almost 1300 VF and the trail will be coming at you at speeds of 35 mph. We have spent time in here smoothing out water bars and removing all the marbles, but this is mountain biking and trail snakes still exist. This descent will grip some of you. Once you loose all the vertical you will be on a treed four wheeler trail, cut back into a single track that will lead you to the Heslin Ranch road. Here you will take a left onto the ranch driveway and continue up to the ranch log structures. At the log structures will be Aide 3. HINT: This is private property, please DO NOT discard any trash outside of the feed zone. Thank the owners as you come through here, they are very generous and will be out cheering you on as you come through their ranch. You will continue through the property and through the opened horse corral to the opposite side of the corral to a gate and the beginning of the singletrack climb up Bustle Creek. Bustle Creek has been trimmed and cleaned to a very nice singletrack climb that eventually turns into a four wheeler road, and then a jeep trail. This climb is about 4.5 miles of shaded climbing bring you up over 1500 VF where it will dump you back out onto Ski Hill Road just below the Resort. You will cross Ski Hill Road and continue to climb until you see the resort and the road descends. Before you go through the Ranch Gate at the Resort entrance you will take a 90 left hand turn onto the lot 9 asphalt and climb a quick 150 VF to a singletrack in the first corner of the road. You will follow this single track through a pine forested section where there will be some wooden ladder bridges and some boulder problems before entering the Aspens and then the open meadow. You are now entering the camping area of the race course. There will not be any neutral support here, but you can place your own feed in this area. Once you have passed through the camping and music venue area you will head north out into ricks basin. Make sure you have fluids, you will be on a 7 mile loop of flowing single track with two climbs in the basing totalling about 1200 VF. You will have to climb up and out of Rick's Basin to get back to the base (Start/Finish) and Aide Station 1. Stop Feed, and Repeat the fun. The current 2011 map is located on this page in PDF format and printable. ENJOY!!!! Common Tips Hydration...HYDRATION...Hydration We will have fully staffed and supplied feed stations as last year with a solid table of HAMMER product and other goodies. We are racing at elevation in an arid environmnet and hope to see everyone finish this EPIC event. Race Preparation / Hydration: This will be a long day in the saddle, and therefore you must give your body all the love you can by drinking A LOT during the race. You will be at altitude and therefore need more liquids than usual. Pre-race hydration is also important. Drink plenty of water the day before to hydrate your muscles. A chamois cream or balm of some type is necessary. Some race nutrition basics can be found here: http://www.hammernutrition.com/community/videos/ Aid Stations: There will be Aid Stations on course (see course maps and descriptions), about every 8 miles, stocked with water, Heed, Perpetuem, and a selection of energy foods, bars, gels. You can also leave drop bags for delivery to a particular aid station before the race start. Backcountry Ethics / Littering: Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited during the race. You will be disqualified if there is a report of you not respecting this rule. The Forest Service has been extremely supportive and it is imperative that we show them we can hold an event like this and be good stewards of our trails, and the backcountry. Please help us to gain permission to host this unique event again next year and use these wonderful trails in the future by pocketing your gels, bars, baggies, bottles, tubes, etc. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING ON THE GROUND! Pack it in, pack it out! If you absolutely must discard something before returning to Grand Targhee, do so with a course marshal at one of the Feed Stations. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this very important policy. FSA! Backcountry Weather: This race takes place at altitudes above 8,000 feet and you will enjoy some of the most pristine riding terrain in the Tetons. With that said, you can expect to experience a wide spectrum of weather conditions. Be prepared for the worst. At least have extra gear, clothing, and supplies stashed at Grand Targhee so you can adjust to changing conditions. The use of Sunscreen is mandatory. SPF 30+ is recommended. Course Marking: The course is marked so you can follow it. Black arrows, and orange flagging tape will guide you. However, you may need to use common sense and some navigation skills of your own. The basic rule of thumb is do not turn unless instructed to do so. Follow the tracks of those in front of you. Each rider will be repsponsible for knowing the course directions, we will go over the course at the pre-race meeting. Last years race profits provided a check to the non-profit Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVTAP). TVTAP is a non-profit whose efforts are focused on providing human powered connectivity throughout the valley. PH100 has the goal of doubling last years donation to this non-profit with the goal of supplimenting funding for future maintenance and enhancement of our wonderful trail system. We are committed to a sustanainable future with our network of trails and committed to supporting health of these systems through support to the stewards directly. Come help us make this donation bigger in 2011.

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